Work Package 4: International Cooperation

This WP will focus on delivering outreach tools by utilising the information gathered and strategies developed within WP2 and WP3 as a communication framework. Those tools will address existing and new partnerships and focus on enabling interdisciplinary interaction. Specifically the WP will:

  • Adapt and pilot a version of ARIA access management system to serve as a web-portal which will provide information to address multiple stakeholder groups, event management, and the means to capture feedback and opinion on the activities and outcomes of the work program;
  • Use the portal to capture and disseminate information to all thematic RI groups, existing interest groups, EC and ESFRI bodies and projects;
  • Analyse engagement through WP2 and WP3 activities to identify and help prioritise tools and methods which are more effective to further cooperation and collaboration between RIs and new partners from academia and industry;
  • Identify a number of new cooperative relationships and promote their development to a Memorandum of Understanding.

Work package leads: