Work Package 3: Outreach Events

The main objective of this project is to increase the international visibility of European RIs outside Europe and how to use the experience and expertise accrued in the various areas can be building blocks for other regions to initiate and optimise infrastructural activities. Therefore the goal of the WP Global Outreach and Partnering Events is to increase the visibility of the activities and developments, organise thematic workshops and brokerage events bringing together relevant European and international players to initiate/strengthen (new) collaboration opportunities. This will be achieved through transparent and active internal communication within the European RIs, and coordinated intensive external communications between the participants of the consortium and their main stakeholders.

A solid understanding of the environment and the stakeholders, supported by a clear communication strategy is crucial for this purpose, and will imply the contribution of all involved partners equally, under the coordination of the WP leaders, with the objective of setting up, deploying and managing all available communication channels and tools (website, social media, press releases, articles, events etc.)

The objectives of this WP include the following:

  • Increase the international visibility of European RIs.
  • Organise outreach and partnering events with international science policy stakeholders, funders and RIs complementary to the European RI to enable new partnerships.
  • Ensure awareness of the project's aims, goals and context with all stakeholders in order to achieve productive engagement, in particular in relation to the specific role of the participating RIs in a coherent and controlled way.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of promotion and outreach activities to all stakeholders.
  • Involve all stakeholders throughout the life of the project, in particular in the production of the communication plan by providing an effective communications toolkit and engagement platforms.

Work package leads: