RI-VIS organisational structure and decision making process


RI-VIS Governance Structure

The RI-VIS consortium comprises 13 partners, all representing European Research Infrastructures.


RI-VIS General Assembly

General Assembly is the ultimate decision-making body of the RI-VIS consortium. Each partner appoints one member to the General Assembly who can be represented by a nominated deputy. General Assembly meets annually. Decisions are made by the General Assembly on the basis of a 2/3 majority based on a quorum of 2/3.

Name Partner
Susan Daenke Instruct-ERIC
Jens Habermann BBMRI-ERIC
Golbahar Pahlavan ECRIN
Anton Ussi EATRIS
Nicolas Pade EMBRC
Bahne Stechmann EU-OPENSCREEN
Sven Fahrner JUELICH
Hervé Raoul ERINHA
Virginie Storms BELSPO
Raquel Hurtardo-Ortiz Institut Pasteur
Rory Fitzgerald ESS ERIC
Ari Asmi Helsingin Yliopisto


RI-VIS Steering Group

Steering Group acts as the executive scientific project coordination group and is chaired by the Scientific Project Coordinator. It coordinates and oversees the implementation and coordination of the work plan and all project related processes. Steering Group is composed of the work package co-leaders for RI-VIS work packages. Steering group meets every 3 months either in person or by teleconference.

Name Work Package Partner
Susan Daenke 1 Instruct-ERIC
Golbahar Pahlavan 2 ECRIN
Sven Fahrner 2 EMPHASIS
Bahne Stechmann 3 EU-OPENSCREEN
Luc Deltombe 3 BBMRI-ERIC
Roland Pieruschka 4 EMPHASIS
Natalie Haley 4 Instruct-ERIC
Nicolas Pade 5 EMBRC


RI-VIS Project Management Office

The project is coordinated by Instruct-ERIC. The Scientific Project Coordinator is Dr. Susan Daenke who is also the coordinator of the Instruct-ERIC Hub. The Scientific Project Coordinator, with the support of the Project Management office is responsible for leading the overall administrative project management and scientific coordination.

Name Role
Susan Daenke Scientific Project Coordinator
Natalie Haley Project Manager