CORBEL/EOSC-Life Webinar Series: Practical Tips for Stepping Up Your Science Communications

Date: 19-Mar-2020 14:00 CET to 19-Mar-2020 15:00 CET

Contact: Stefan Swift

CORBEL and EOSC-Life organise the webinar series "Engaging with your community through events and training". The series continues with a panel discussion between Caitlin Ahern (BBMRI-ERIC), Katri Ahlgren (ICOS ERIC), Stefan Swift (European Social Survey), and Luiza Fundatureanu (ZN Consulting).

Join us for an interactive discussion with science communicators who will share concrete examples and tips for improving your scientific communications – especially when budget and time resources are limited! The speakers come from a range of fields and will have plenty of time for Q&A and discussions.

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