CatRIS First Workshop

Date: 14-May-2019 23:00 CEST to 15-May-2019 22:59 CEST

Contact: Sven Fahrner

Responding to the needs of users of physical research infrastructures (RIs), CatRIS will make available information about RI services offered in Europe. Such information will improve visibility of services, foster European and international collaborations, and enhance RI accessibility, usage, and impact. Currently, RIs provide information about their services mostly in free formats through websites with varying completeness and details. Existing initiatives will be analysed to identify best practices and to propose a service catalogue structure to respond to users’ needs.

With regard to further discussing and refining the RI services typology, CatRIS is organising a validation workshop on 15 May 2019 in Brussels (invitation only). Its aim is to bring together RI managers, selected users of RI services as well as funders/policy makers to contribute to development of a RI services typology that will provide the basis and a standard for the future catalogue of RI services in Europe. Participants will be asked to provide an input in an interactive way, with plenty of opportunities for discussion.

The workshop will involve presentations of the currently developed typology of RIs services as well as cases of MERIL and of building the catalogue of the general services of RIs participating in CORBEL.